Solar City

Before understanding  Solar City we must understand what is need for Solar Cities and why it is more important to solar cities concept.

Urbanization and economic development are leading to a rapid rise in energy demand in urban areas in our country leading to enhanced Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Many cities around the world are setting targets and introducing policies for promoting renewable energy and reducing GHG emissions and the countries like Australia and USA are developing the solar cities.

Now a day’s several Indian cities and towns are experiencing rapid growth in the peak electricity demand and along with that local government bodies and the electricity utilities are finding it difficult to cope with this rapid rise in demand and as a result most of the cities/towns are facing electricity shortages.

Hence the “Development of Solar Cities” programme is designed to support/encourage Urban Local Bodies to prepare a basic guideline for their cities in becoming ‘renewable energy cities’ or ‘solar cities’.


What is a Solar City?

The Solar City aims at minimum 10% reduction in projected demand of conventional energy at the end of five years, through a combination of enhancing supply from renewable energy sources in the city and energy efficiency measures. The basic aim is to motivate the local Governments for adopting renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency measures. In a Solar City all types of renewable energy based projects like solar, wind, biomass, small hydro, waste to energy etc. are to be installed alongwith possible energy efficiency measures depending on the need and resource availability in the city.

Objectives of the Solar City programme 

The Solar City programme basically aims

  • To enable and empower Urban Local Governments to address energy challenges at City – level.
  • To provide a framework and support to prepare a Master Plan including assessment of current energy situation, future demand and action plans.
  • To build capacity in the Urban Local Bodies and create awareness among all sections of civil society.
  • To involve various stakeholders in the planning process.
  • To oversee the implementation of sustainable energy options through public – private partnerships.


Number of cities to be developed as Solar Cities

Currently total number of 60 cities/towns are proposed to be supported for development as Solar Cities during the 11th Plan period. At least one city in each State to a maximum of five cities in a State supported by the power Ministry.

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