Ocean Energy

The ocean energy can produce two sorts of energy:

  1. Thermal energy from the sun’s warmth, and
  2. Mechanical energy from the tides and waves.

Oceans cover over 72% of Earth’s surface, making them the world’s biggest sun oriented collectors. The sun’s heat warms the surface water significantly more than the profound sea water, and this temperature difference creates thermal energy. Only a little part of the heat trapped in the ocean could power the world.

People who are living nearby to ocean can imply this type of energy production. Ocean energy has the potential of providing a substantial and higher amount of new renewable energy around the world. Energy from the sea is also known as Marine energy or hydroelectricity.

As per study there is the potential to develop around 40,000 terawatt-hours per year (TWh/y) of electricity can be generated by ocean temperatures, salt content, movements of tides, currents and waves.

Some of the type of renewable power is –

  1. Marine current power

  2. Osmotic power

  3. Ocean thermal energy

  4. Tidal power

  5. Wave power

The World Renewable Energy Report estimates the cost of wave energy at an average of  5 to 6 Rs/kWh. Along with that tidal turbines are more than 80% efficient, which is higher than solar or wind energy.

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