Normalization in PAT form

Normalization in PAT form – specific Energy consumption is the concept of operating system machinery to minimize Specific Energy Consumption (SEC). SEC is defined as the kilowatt-hours (kWh) energy consumed per unit mass of product. Any plant can get 1% to 15% reduction in energy utilization with Specific Energy’s Optimization. The comparison between assessment year and baseline year gives us simple trend to utilization on energy in any plant. The conversion of all different type of energy into Tonne of oil equivalent (TOE) are done to normalize the fuel input. to normalize the power and product some factors are considered. Factors like change in capacity utilization, product mix, change in raw material or fuel quality, different import/export of electricity etc. are few examples that can make this comparison difficult. These factors may change over the any assessment year and because of this any Designated Consumers (DCs) may get any advantage as well as it may get penalized for it.
Hence normalization is a way to overcome this problem and can be defined as a process of rationalization of Energy and Production data of an plant to take consideration into account, the changes in measured data impact energy performance under equivalent conditions over the assessment year.

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