Life Long Learning Program

The Life Long Learning Program (3L), was a joint initiative between the Indo-German Energy Program and Bureau of Energy Efficiency intended to train energy professional, update their knowledge, create sector- wise excellence through dissemination of latest trends in analysis of energy efficiency measures, promote latest cutting edge technologies, improved instrumentation control and monitoring of processes to enable them to play role in promoting efficient use of energy and its conservation. The program is sponsored by IGEN.

This special workshop are arranged by organization at own in every part of India. The speakers come in seminar are highly knowledge from the related field of energy auditing.

Under this Indo-German Energy Programme (IGEN), (GTZ) had aims at providing mandatory information related to energy management, importance of the roles and responsibilities of energy manager, energy auditor, energy audit and provide technical support in terms of the EC Act.

More than 5000 Energy Managers and Energy Auditors have been certified so far on the basis of examinations conducted so far. On an average certification of about 1000 energy professional per annum could be anticipated for the next 5 to 10 years. The adequate professional training with latest technology examples are provided in workshops on Energy Conservation and efficient use of energy to make them useful instruments for value addition to the country.

There are other interested people from the public and private sectors who could be willing to participate in such professional training depending upon the nature of training, content of course material, contribution of such training in the performance of their duties and responsibilities in their work places.


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