Energy Monitoring and Targeting

Studying for energy monitoring & targeting for manager and auditor exam !!!

Energy monitoring & targeting (M&T) is primarily a management technique that uses energy information as a basis to eliminate waste, reduce and control current level of energy use and improve the existing operating procedures. It builds on the principle “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”. It essentially combines the principles of energy use and statistics

With the help of monitoring and targeting many benefits we can achieve.

  1. Energy cost savings
  2. Reduction in dangerous emissions
  3. Financing ; energy efficient projects
  4. Improved product and service costing
  5. Waste avoidance in process

This is very basic benefits and we can get more with this.

Once the base line has been established, and causes for variations in energy consumption have been identified, it is time to set targets for the future. Now with all this information in hand, the targets are more realistic, as they are based on the building’s actual consumption.

Targeting consists in two main parts: the measure to which the consumption can be reduced, and the time frame during which the compression will be achieved.

Be calm and be focused because it’s not very tough as you are taking it is.

Here’s your study material.


Study martial for energy manager and auditor exam. All the best.

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